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Benjamin Vincent, (almost) a Texas native, is a freelance illustrator based in Dallas. He began his career as a caricature artist at the age of 17 when he worked at Six Flags Over Texas one summer. Artist such as James Tennison, Bob Camp, Vincent Waller, Michael Schroeder, Greg Mc Collough, Gary Templin, Randy Groden, & Steve Benson, are just a few artists that he worked with back in those early days. " You learn so much from those friends and people you admire, it's priceless."After his gig at Six Flags he traveled through Europe for six months and spent two months sketching at the Louvre in Paris. Upon returning to the United States he spent a summer drawing caricatures along the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. He then entered college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He currently illustrates for magazines and advertising agencies, does vision drawings for corporations, paints murals and portraits, is a well-known caricature artist, and enjoys illustrating children’s books as well as books for teens and young adults.

On the role of creativity in his life: Benjamin continually seeks opportunities to push and stretch himself artistically and particularly enjoys visualizing and conceptualizing stories.

Thoughts on Illustration: Benjamin is a story-teller at heart and was drawn to illustration as a way of telling stories through a visual medium. He sees the art of illustration as more current, available, and immediately accessible than many other art forms. He finds inspiration in Norman Rockwall’s eye for detail, in Barron Storey’s passion for art and emotional honesty, and in Thomas Blackshear’s adeptness in all mediums, as well as his approachability and generosity.

Thoughts on advertising/commercial art (illustration): Benjamin is drawn to the challenge of telling the client’s story in his work as a commercial illustrator. He finds that both storyboards and comps allow him to exercise his storytelling abilities in a visual medium. In comps this is done through situations and spatial placement of objects and people and in storyboards it is accomplished through the depiction of action and movement. The world of commercial illustration is a perfect fit for him as he is driven by the challenge of producing good artwork at a demanding pace with tight deadlines.Editorial Illustration
Children’s books, Teen books: Benjamin has illustrated five of Mary Brooke Cassad’s series of seven “Bluebonnet the Armadillo” books; two of Jay McGraw’s (son of Phil McGraw) teen books; and Body by Jake’s (Jake Steinfeld) teen book, to name just a few.

Magazine Illustration: Benjamin has illustrated for such magazines as: Avid Golfer, Consumer Reports, Boy’s Life, Forbes, California Magazine, D Magazine, and Texas Medicine.

In addition to the storytelling aspect of editorial illustration, it is the practice of conceptualizing and opportunity to enhance the story that attract Benjamin to this type of work.


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